For newbies, training for triathlon seems to be an impossible thing to achieve. However, triathlon training is not that hard. Though they may have zero training for such event, aspiring triathletes can still undergo full training in just matter of 12 weeks. Moreover, the good thing is they do not have to give up a lot of things nor shed so much money just to fund their passion.

To train for triathlon, people must focus on several important things:


Some of the essential equipment needed for triathlon training include swimsuit, goggles, and swimming cap.

Bicycle is also necessary. Athletes may use a road bike, mountain bike, or a hybrid. Some prefer time trial bikes when available.

Cycling shorts are important for riding comfortably and preventing saddle sores.

Newbies may avail of clipless pedals and cycling shoes though they are not that necessary yet.

Athletes should always carry a water bottle especially during long bike rides.

Proper running shoes are necessary though they need not be that expensive. Athletes should just make sure that what they are wearing fit their feet and are specifically made for running.


Twelve weeks is an optimum training period for those who still have to get in shape and to also reduce the chances of suffering from injuries. This period is enough for athletes to condition their tendons, ligaments, and endurance; these factors are all important for athletes to enjoy their race. Trainees should attempt to train for 5 days a week or around 2.5–4 h w week to allow their bodies to get in shape.

During days, workouts should be around 30 to 45 min; weekends can be allowed for endurance training. The longest workout should be the bike and should only last for 30 min to 1 h.

Two of the weekly workouts should be allotted for swimming. Athletes may consult certain swimming plans to improve their swimming endurance.

Two workouts should include run-to-bike combination workouts for endurance built-up and reduction of risk for injuries.

During triathlon training, athletes may try some combination workouts during their first week;

  • COMBO 1

(1 min run, 1 min walk) x 5; bike ride for 30 min at easy conversational intensity.

  • COMBO 2

(1 min run, 1 min walk) x 7 or 8; bike ride for 30 min.

During 5th and last workout of the first week, easy bike ride should last for 45 minutes. Afterward, athletes can form their own plan or strategies for their training.

Newbies may also train for sprint triathlon, they can try the different workout combinations available on Active Trainer.

In training, athletes should recognize the importance of adding recovery days and reduced volume rest weeks though they may feel like they can do more. These rest days are important for recovery of the body and building up its strength.